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"this is my favorite character i love him so much i want to see him distressed and in emotional pain (⊙ω⊙✿)”

*character undergoes distress and emotional pain* nO I TAKE IT BACK BABY PLEASE

Just talking to a friend who isn’t what one would call in my good books right now and she changed her profile picture, at first thought “Ok cool, better than the picture of you at like 12 years old either way”, took a closer look and just all of the random pieces of clothing and underwear in the background

Good lordie no I don’t want to see your underwear ‘kay thanks.

I’ve seen and heard so many stupid things today I think I’m just gonna take a one-way trip to Nopeville


クリ蒼づめ2 | citi
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Illustrator: Kanako Eo


Be an Arrow - Rica Matsumoto

Pokemon Best Wishes Opening No.2

The last person that I wanted to talk to right now has decided to message me, great .-.

Gonna try and be civil but no promises especially after she blatantly used my god damn health and medication as a way to lie to me oh and for throwing all of my advice back in my face


be trashy with ur best friend


I’m calling bullshit on that




This… 1000 times this.


Gaming is about having fun and it gets better with the more people you share it with. Phenomenal advise.

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